Get Personal With Your Customers

Vendsta pricing depends on the number of orders you receive in total each month.
This means that any account can access all the benefits regardless of size.

You can now add unlimited eBay accounts on one subscription!

Every Vendsta Account gets the following:

  • Sales Reports
  • Live Dashboard
  • Unlimited Automatic eBay Messages
  • Interactive Charts
  • Real Time data sync
  • Order Filtering
  • Customer Filtering
  • Growth stats against previous periods
  • Customer Location Heatmaps
  • Smooth & seamless user experience
  • Fast and attractive user interface
  • Multi timezone support
  • Unlimited Team Members with roles
  • Automatic personalised feedback
  • User Blacklist
  • 90 days of Initial Historical Data
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Multi eBay site support
  • Multi currency support
  • Product Filtering
  • Custom filtered CSV data exports
  • Customer Profiles
  • Order Profiles
  • Product Profiles
  • Live chat and support
  • A 30 Day Free Trial
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Email digests
  • Negative/Neutral feedback notifications
  • Domestic & International settings
  • And more to come...
Pay Monthly Pay Yearly (2 Months Free)


500 Monthly Orders
Unlimited eBay accounts
£10 /month
£8.33 /month
Save £20/year!
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2,500 Monthly Orders
Unlimited eBay accounts
£20 /month
£16.67 /month
Save £40/year!
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10,000 Monthly Orders
Unlimited eBay accounts
£45 /month
£37.50 /month
Save £90/year!
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25,000 Monthly Orders
Unlimited eBay accounts
£75 /month
£62.50 /month
Save £150/year!
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We also offer a £5/mo Plan £50/yr Plan (100 orders a month)

More than 25,000 orders/month? Enterprise and custom plans are available.

It only takes a few minutes to set up and import your data. (No card needed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have a question not listed below.

Why only 90 days of initial historical orders?

eBay only allows the past 90 days of orders to be retrieved, so we are unable to return any orders later than this. We still keep historical data from when you first signed up so the longer you have an account the more data you'll have to work with.

What if I go outside of my plans order limits?

If your orders for the current month look like they will push your 3 month average over to the next plan we will let you know 3 days before your next billing date. Then the day before your next billing date you will automatically be moved to the correct plan.

Do you accept PayPal and can I pay with it?

Not through our billing system but if you contact us we can set you up manually after a PayPal payment.

How are orders per month calculated?

We look at the last three months of orders up to your billing date for each eBay account you have imported. Add all of these up and then take a monthly average of the total.

Can I downgrade my plan?

If your three month average looks like it is going to drop below your current plan's lower limit, you'll automatically be downgraded to the correct plan the month following.

How many orders do I need to use Vendsta?

Ideally the more the better, however at the very least we would recommend 10 orders per month.